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Technical Sales Module 3 for Atos Unify OpenScape Voice - WBT (OSVTSEPSDT)

Brief Description

We are planning to release this Web based Training August 31th 2015. This e-Learning is designed as self paced learning. You learn whenever and wherever you like using your individual training speed. If you book this training now, we will inform you as soon as the module is available. This course and accompanying exam will certify the student at the Expert level and will expand the knowledge gained from the Technical Sales Specialist level. This will include more detailed product information of OpenScape Voice deployments with a focus on geo-separation with enhanced redundancy and survivable options. It will also cover more customized Unified Communications implementations including Communications Enabled Business Processes and federation with other SIP and XMPP systems.

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Technical Sales Module 3 for Atos Unify OpenScape Voice - WBT
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Technical Sales Modul 3 für Atos Unify OpenScape Voice - WBT
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  • This course will build on the knowledge attained in the OpenScape Voice Technical Sales Specialist program and will provide more details on the architecture of OpenScape Voice with an emphasis on larger implementations and more sophisticated survivability options. It will also prepare the student to discuss customized implementations of OpenScape UC including the Software Developers Kit and federation with other systems based on the XMPP protocol.
  • This course will include information on the following components of OpenScape Voice:
  • OpenScape Voice geo-separation
  • OpenScape Branch redundancy
  • OpenScape SBC redundancy
  • OpenScape UC App Software Developers Kit and Communications Enabled Business Process
  • Federation of OpenScape UC App with Microsoft, IBM and others


  • Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Compare the Geo-separated redundancy to the Collocated redundancy of OpenScape Voice.
  • Describe the N+1 and N+K media server redundancy options.
  • Describe the methods of providing redundancy for call processing survivability at the branch locations.
  • Describe the redundancy options for the OpenScape Session Border Controller.
  • Discuss the cold and warm standby redundancy options for OpenScape UC.
  • Explain the concept of CEBP.
  • List the touch points for OpenScape customization.
  • Describe the methods used for federation with other presence based systems, including Microsoft, IBM and others.


  • Unify Sales Specialist for Large Enterprise with OpenScape Voice course (OSVUSSPSDV)
  • Unify Sales Expert for OpenScape Voice course (OSVUSEPSDV)
  • Unify Certified Technical Sales Specialist for OpenScape Voice course (OSVTSSPSDT)


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Target Group

  • Technical Sales


  • 3.00 hours


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