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OpenScape Contact Center update course V9R0 for Service (OCCV9R0UCS)

Brief Description

We introduce OpenScape Contact Center V9 R0 to service personnel. This includes the installation of the OpenScape Contact Center V9 R0 Main server, of the updated Call Director SIP Server, and of the corresponding Client Software. Additionally, the new Agent Portal is introduced which, in new installations, should become deployed as default desktop application. Thereby, we also deal with OpenScape Contact Center and OpenScape UC together using the same OND phone. We cover the changes in the OpenScape Contact Center server architecture and in underlying software, like the informix database. We discuss the Updates in the OpenScape Contact Center Software in the support of various hardware and software platforms. The course gives also an introduction into features which will be delivered later like 360° customer view, Mobile Supervisor and OpenScape Contact Center Analytics (Softcom Life-of-Call Reportin).

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  • Installing OpenScape Contact Center Server under Windows 2012 Server
  • Installing the updated Call Director SIP Server Software
  • Installing the OpenScape Contact Center Client applications
  • Updates in the software architecture of OpenScape Contact Center
  • Using and deploying the Agent Portal application for all media
  • OpenScape Contact Center and OpenScape UC coexistence
  • Newly supported Hardware platforms
  • Newly supported Software platforms
  • Newly supported database platform (informix 12.1)
  • New Features delivered with OpenScape Contact Center V9 R0


  • Enabling participants in installing and deploying OpenScape Contact Center V9 R0
  • installing OpenScape Contact Center under Windows 2012 Server
  • deploying the Agent Portal for all media
  • supporting most recent communication platforms
  • supporting new features supported by OpenScape Contact Center V9 R0


  • Expert knowledge of the previous version OpenScape Contact Center V8 R2
  • Windows Server operating systems from Windows 2008 R2 onwards
  • OpenSUSE operating system 13.2 (elementary)
  • Call distribution in at leaset one of the communication platforms OpenScape Voice, 4000, or Business


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Target Group

  • Partner and Unify Technicians and service personnel


  • 3.00 days


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