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OpenScape 4000 V8 R1 Update Training for Service (OS4V8R1UDS)

Brief Description

The web based training OpenScape 4000 V8 R1 for Service is a course for service technicians. The objectives are among others the upgrade of an OpenScape 4000 V7 to V8 R1. Then the new hardware OpenScape 4000 Branch und STMIX will be presented. Additionally new features and improvements for SIP features for the applications Concierge, Xpert und UC will be shown. Changes for the Assistant and Manager will be shown, too. Another part will be the information about changes of the devices ACWIN IP SL, OpenScape Personal Edition SL and WL3.

The course is available in the following languages

OpenScape 4000 V8 R1 Updatetraining für Service
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OpenScape 4000 V8 R1 Update Training for Service
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  • Upgrade of an OpenScape 4000 V7 to V8 R1
  • New hardware OpenScape 4000 V8 R1
  • New system feature
  • Changes with OpenScape 4000 Assistant and Manager V8 R1
  • New features for application and Java
  • News and Changes by OpenScape Desk Phone
  • Information about Os4K V8 R1


  • The technician
  • Will be informed about the procedure of an upgrade of an OpenScape 4000 V7/V8 to V8 R1 and a new installation of an OS4 V8 R1.
  • Get to know the new hardware OpenScape 4000 V8 R1,
  • Will be informed about new features for OS4K V8 R1,
  • Get an overview about the new features by Applications and Java,
  • Will learn the changes of the Manager and Assistant V8 R1.
  • Will get to know an overview about the changes for the OpenScape Desk Phone devices.


  • A good understanding of
  • OpenScape 4000 V7
  • SoftGate/OpenScape Access 500
  • OpenScape Manager and Assistant


  • Web Based Training:
  • For participation and booking a myTraining-Account is required
  • System requirements:
  • PC with sound card and stereo headset / speaker is required
  • Screen resolution at least 1280*1024
  • Windows 7 or higher: Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • Possible alternative Browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Current version of Adobe Flash Player is required
  • Javascript has to be activated


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Target Group

  • Service technicians


  • 1.00 hours


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Web-based training