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OpenScape Contact Center V9 R2 for Service (OCCV9R2UDS)

Brief Description

With the OpenScape Contact Center Release V9 R2, the Contact Media Service (CMS) replaces all previously used speech processors CDSS, XMU + and SBX, which can now no longer be used. We introduce this release to the service staff here. This includes the upgrade to OpenScape Contact Center V9 R2, the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Contact Media Service (CMS). We'll also cover the Manager and extension configuration for the CMS and the use of custom languages for Call Director.

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OpenScape Contact Center V9 R2 for Service
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  • Release overview
  • Installation and upgrade
  • CMS Administration
  • CMS Maintenance tasks
  • Manager and subscriber configuration for CMS
  • Custom Languages for Call Director
  • Feature Packs


  • Activate participants to use OpenScape Contact Center V9 R2
  • Contact Media Service (CMS) replaces CDSS and all XMU + or SBX devices
  • Installing and Upgrading to OpenScape Contact Center V9 R2 including Contact Media Service (CMS),
  • CMS Administration,
  • CMS Maintenance,
  • Manager and extension configuration for CMS,
  • Custom Languages for Call Director.


  • Expert knowledge of the previous version OpenScape Contact Center V9 R1
  • Windows Server operating systems as of Windows 2008 R2 and newer
  • OpenSUSE operating system (elementary)
  • Call distribution in at least one of the communication platforms OpenScape Voice, 4000, or Business


  • Web Based Training:
  • For participation and booking a myTraining-Account is required
  • System requirements:
  • PC with sound card and stereo headset / speaker is required
  • Screen resolution at least 1280*1024
  • Windows 7 or higher: Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • Possible alternative Browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Current version of Adobe Flash Player is required
  • Javascript has to be activated


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Target Group

  • Partner technicians and Unify GO staff


  • 2.00 hours


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