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Challenges for enterprises

Companies want to implement new communication solutions efficiently; in order software and devices to be used effectively and economically, the investment should be characterized by a rapid ROI. Precisely for this reason, companies should be place emphasis on the user when introducing a new communications solution.
  • The operation of new applications and devices is
          unfamiliar to the user.
  • There often exists a natural aversion and fear of employees against changes.
  • Dealing with new communication platforms must be integrated into business processes and lived.

If knowledge is to be anchored to the people permanently, it needs reliable and simple learning methods. These methods have little to do with conventional learning.
Our learning methods have the aim of promoting the joy of dealing with the themes of learning and learning itself. These learning methods are offered in suitable mix. For each of the different learning material is conveyed, the more varied are the ways of remembering, learning, and the immediate application for our customers.
Scientific evidence suggests that retention increases significantly, the more senses are involved in the learning process. Thus, the sustainability of the training is achieved.
Watch results depending on the receiving sensory channel:

  • Listen only = 20%
  • Seeing only = 30%
  • Seeing and hearing = 50%
  • Seeing, hearing and discussion = 70%
  • Seeing, hearing, discussing and doing itself = 90%


The individual learning types are playing a significant role. The statistic represents mean values.


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