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Added Value by End-User Training

We provide tailored End-User Training for Unify applications and devices. For an optimum use. For more pleasure in the job.

Working methods and the way teams interact have changed fundamentally. Today, we all take advantage of virtual, mobile and distributed communications, as well as social media platforms, and bring our own devices to work. At the same time, this diversity of devices has turned communications into a complex, fragmented landscape. Enterprises that equip their employees with laptops and smartphones in particular may do too little to ensure that their staff can be successful from a teamwork point of view.

The focus of modern communication solutions is gaining significance on the side of users and their usage experience. Using unified communications in a business environment with success requires more than just a successful implementation.
The added value of a new solution is clearly appreciated when the user master the appropriate software and device functions.
We can help your employees develop the appropriate skills and knowledge. Our training program covers all Unify core products and solutions in the areas of voice networks, VoIP, UC applications, call centers and more.
The main added value:

  • Winning the end-user for the change.
  • Turning affected people into involved - creates project acceptance.
  • Appreciative support of employees in the change process.
  • Transfer of the technical skills and the necessary background knowledge.
  • Lowering IT costs and support costs with respect to the requests of end-users.
  • Rapid/faster integration of the solution into the daily business.
  • Positive experiences lead to word-of-mouth

Every measure is tailored to your business.A key success in the implementation of end-user training is the focus on the roles of each user and their effective and efficient communications.

We distinguish between three essentially different target groups:
1) End-User - Employees use the software and devices every day at work
2) Multipliers are nominated or generally determined by the customer. They are often used in a train-the-trainer scenario. We teach the multipliers with the train-the-trainer concept, to whom a background knowledge is given. The multipliers train the End-User then on their own.
3) Special users need additional and/or deeper knowledge. These are for example managers, secretaies (CheSe) as well as ContactCenter agents and supervisors. They use special or additional applications or devices.

  • Power-Users are keen to deal with the new technology. These employees use the system very
         intense, even partly outside the normal use. They are often consulted from other colleagues with
         challenges that may occur.
  • Key-User can make an important impact on the course of the project, because they are opinion
         makers and like to talk about the new application/devices. They should be prepared more intensively
         on the change.


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