Online Assessment

Today, employees and enterprises like to strongly promote education and training, knowing that only those willing to develop and extend their knowledge base can actually face the numerous innovative challenges of everyday working life. Acquiring knowledge is one thing, knowing that one knows the "right stuff" another.
But which is the easiest and most effective way to find out what you can do, how good you can do it and if your knowledge suffices? Surely by having your knowledge and skills tested and assessed on different levels!
To this end, the new assessment center of the Unify Academy provides various types of tests showing you quickly and reliably "where you stand". Our approach is based on a special concept that combines self-assessment tests before, result checking tests during and final tests after a training measure. You can thus be sure to always get a significant, objective feedback on your status of knowledge.
Tested knowledge reveals your strengths but also weaknesses, shows where you perform well or even perfectly and where there still are gaps to be filled - in this latter case our consulting service provides expert advice. Trust our assessment center - our tests really help on!


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