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OpenScape Xpressions Application Builder (XPRAPBN)

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  • This course introduces learners to the interface and function of the OpenScape Xpressions Application Builder automated attendant configuration tool. It focuses on the configuration steps required to design and implement a basic automatic attendant application.


  • After taking the course, the learner will be able to:
  • Recognize the Application Builder terminology
  • Configure the Vogue script
  • Create a user profile in Service Provider to access the Application Builder
  • Recognize the Application Builder page layout
  • Recognize Application Builder controls (boxes)
  • Recognize the need for an application concept and drawing
  • Follow the seven steps to design and configure a basic automated attendant application using Application Builder


  • XPRAPBN is a prerequisite for XPRADM for customers with OpenScape Xpressions V7 or V6.
  • XPRADM_VC must be completed before taking XPRAPBN. XPRADM_VC provides detail on the Xpressions Web Assistant and an overview of the Xpressions monitor.


  • If taking XPRAPBN and not attending XPRADM, please sign up for XPRAPBL. XPRAPBL provides hands on experience for Application Builder. Hands-on experience is also provided in XPRADM.
  • This course uses the Unify FastViewer client for Web Collaboration. If there is concern that your company may be blocked from accessing the client, you can arrange for testing by emailing:


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Target Group

  • Any internal employee, channel partner, or customer administrator requiring automatic attendant configuration training using the OpenScape Xpressions Application Builder tool. This course is designed for individuals without experience with the AppGen tool used with earlier Xpressions releases.


  • 7.50 hours


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