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Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center Administrations Course (OCCADMISCU)

Brief Description

This course covers the concepts and how OpenScape Contact Center works, discusses routing of voice media in the platform and in OpenScape Contact Center, and explains the configuration. The simple voice routing is expanded by Call Director steps in the routing and queue processing as well as through the integration of contact data and working with database functions. It also covers how to plan, display, and execute reports. The use of the Agent Portal Web for the more effective handling of contact data, in particular in connection with agent-2-agent chat and presence integration, is discussed in detail and practically practiced. The unctionality and configuration of skills-based routing is discussed and practiced. In addition to voice media, we also discuss how to plan callbacks, work with callbacks, discuss routing of and working with e-mails, routing of and working with Web Collaboration contacts, and routing of and working with OpenMedia contacts and train these topics practically. This discussion is complemented by a presentation of the Web Interaction REST SDK. The course is completed by a discussion of the OpenScape Contact Center interfaces and basic maintenance functions.

Dates and Details

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Oct 10, 2022 - Oct 14, 2022 DEU  München 
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€ 2,800.00
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  • Concepts of and functionality provided by OpenScape Contact Center
  • Voice media routing in the latformand n OpenScape Contact Center
  • Call Director steps in routing and queue processing
  • Contact data and database functions
  • Elements of reporting
  • Agent Portal Web application
  • LDAP directory and OpenScape UC presence integration
  • Skills based routing
  • Callback media
  • E-mail media
  • Web collaboration media
  • OpenMedia
  • Interfaces of OpenScape Contact Center
  • Basic maintenance tasks


  • Enabling participants enabled in:
  • understanding concepts of and functionality provided by OpenScape Contact Center,
  • configuring the routing for voice media in the communication platform and in OpenScape Contact Center,
  • working with Call Director steps during contactrouting and queue processing,
  • working with contact data and database functions during routing and queue processing,
  • scheduling, running and viewing reports,
  • working with the Agent Portal Web application and Agent-2-Agent chat,
  • integrating an LDAP directory and display OpenScape UC presence states,
  • using skills based routing,
  • configuring, scheduling and handling callbacks with the Agent Portal Web,
  • configuring the routing for e-mails and handling e-mails contacts with the Agent Portal Web,
  • configuring the routing for web collaboration and handling web collaboration contacts with Agent Portal Web,
  • using the Web Iteraction REST SDK,
  • configuring the routing for OpenMedia and handling OpenMedia contacts with Agent Portal Web,
  • understanding the functionality provided by the various interfaces of OpenScape Contact Center,
  • running basic maintenance tasks like database backup and restore.


  • Knowledge of the Server operating system Windows Server
  • Basic knowledge of the communication platform used


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Target Group

  • Technicians
  • Administrators
  • Advanced supervisors


  • 5.00 days


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