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Unify OpenScape Contact Center Basics for Pre-Sales and Consulting (OCCBAS1SVC)

Brief Description

This course is the entry course of the consultant curriculum for Unify OpenScape Contact Center. The contents of the course beneath others are the functionality of the Unify OpenScape Contact Center Routing Engine. Basic concepts for the understanding of package Enterprise are discussed and thus enable the students to attend the corresponding follow up course. Besides the basic functionality the course also covers customer benefits and sales argumentation. Prerequsistes are basic knowledge of Unify OpenScape 4000 and/or Unify OpenScape Voice and knowledge about Customer Care Applications.

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  • Contact Center basics
  • Overview of the Unify OpenScape Contact Center Portfolio and its positioning
  • Basic concepts of Unify OpenScape Contact Center
  • Overview Enterprise licensing concepts
  • Manager Application (Admin-, Broadcast-, Report-, Design- and Telephony- Center)
  • Client Applications via Java and Web
  • Concepts Voice- Callback- and Email-Routing
  • Application Server Deployment and Single-Sign-On
  • Overview Reporting
  • Overview Interfaces (LDAP, IVR-API, VoiceXML, Screen Pop API and SDK)
  • Security Concepts (Backup, Firewall, Security Policies)
  • Upgrade / Migration concepts for existing systems


  • knows the basic concepts and applications of a Contact Center Solution
  • gets an overview of features and packages of Unify OpenScape Contact Center and its positioning
  • knows customer benefits and the corresponding argumentation for the sales process


  • Basic knowledge of Unify OpenScape 4000 and/or Unify OpenScape Voice
  • Basic knowledge of customer care applications/solutions


  • This course provides common basics for the understanding of the package Enterprise which are required to participate the follow up course module Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise for Solution Architects (OCCENTPSVC).


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Target Group

  • Consultants


  • 2.00 days


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