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OpenScape Solution Customer Data Collection V7R1 (CDC) Tool Overview (CDCV7R1SVS)

Brief Description

This SVU shows students the purpose of the CDC tool and the responsible roles. The user learns how the CDC tool is used according the different phases in a standard project. They can see what green field data needs to be entered and by whom in the CDC tool, also what OpenScape Solution configuration files can be generated and where to obtain the CDC tool and documentation.


  • Customer Data Collection Tool
  • General Information
  • Basic Sheets
  • Advanced Sheets


  • No specific knowledge or requirements needed for this programme


  • Webinar/ Synchronous Virtual University (SVU) course
  • For participation and booking a myTraining-Account is required
  • PC with sound card and headset/speaker are required
  • Current version of Macromedia Flash plug-in is required


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Target Group

  • Service


  • 3.00 hours


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