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Atos Unify OpenScape Solution Advanced 1 (Voice) (SOLADV1SCS)

Brief Description

This course is an advanced Atos Unify OpenScape Voice course for System technicians, which are responsible to configure a system customer specific/individual still following the Unify Standard. It contains the general configuration as well as the basics of the Routing, Display Number Modification, general features, and Mobility with OSMO Client. The basics of adding an Atos Unify OpenScape Branch to the system will be covered as well.

Dates and Details

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Oct 23, 2023 - Oct 27, 2023 DEU  München 
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€ 3,200.00
LCP 64
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  • Voice Provisioning
  • Create Office Code / Home DN
  • Add New Office Code / Home DN
  • Modify / Extend existing Office Code / Home DN
  • Create Business Group
  • Default Office Codes, Numbering Plan and DLS
  • Business Group Feature Overview (short description)
  • Access Control
  • Routing (Basic)
  • Numbering Plan Types (Private, Common and Global)
  • Create Numbering Plans
  • Numbering Plan Elements (PAC, DC, Destination)
  • Routing via PNP, CNP and GNP to Subscribers
  • Routing via PNP, CNP and GNP to Endpoints
  • Create Endpoint Profile
  • Manage EP Services
  • Create Endpoint for Gateways
  • Incoming Routing
  • Fallback from CNP / GNP to PNP
  • Routing Troubleshooting (Simulate Dial)
  • Display Services / Number Modification
  • Overview
  • Name / Number Sources
  • Display Identity Delivery / Suppression
  • DNM Elements
  • Modify Display Number for Internal to Internal Calls
  • Modify Display Number for Internal to External (PSTN) Calls
  • Modify Display Number for External (PSTN) to Internal Calls
  • Modify Display Number for SIP-Q to SIPQ- Calls
  • Local Toll Table (US only)
  • Troubleshooting
  • SIP Message Trace
  • Phone unable to register
  • OpenScape Mobile (OSMO)
  • Overview
  • Create NP, Office Code and Home DN for OSMO
  • Assign required Features to Main Phone
  • Create OSMO Subscriber
  • Configure OSMO Phone
  • Branch Basics (add branch and work within Assistant)
  • Overview
  • Create NP for BO
  • Create EPP / EP for Proxy
  • Create Branch Office
  • Assign Subscribers / Endpoints / MS to BO
  • Setup Phones to use Proxy
  • Features
  • Overview
  • Call Forwarding Scenarios
  • Call Completion Service
  • Call Transfer


  • The participants
  • is able to configure the complete OSMO (SIP) options and set up the Clients settings on the mobile device
  • is able to add an additional Branch office into an already existing customer environment
  • is able to configure the general features of Call forwarding, call completion and call tranfer
  • is able to configure/enhance/modify the required display number modification
  • is able to configure/modify/enhance business groups, numbering plans, office codes etc.
  • is able to explain and configure/modify the basic routing concept within the Atos Unify OpenScape Voice


  • Course Atos Unify OpenScape Solution Administrator 1 (SOLADM1SCS)
  • Course Atos Unify OpenScape Solution Administrator 2 (SOLADM2SCS)


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Target Group

  • Service


  • 5.00 days


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