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Atos Unify OpenScape Concierge (OCEBASISCS)

Brief Description

Concierge Standard Course for Service. This course first discusses the concepts and operation of OpenScape Concierge and then turns to configuring the SIP Trunk Routing for the Concierge Provider Service (CPS) in OpenScape 4000 or OpenScape Voice is required for OpenScape Concierge connectivity. The installation of the Concierge Server is discussed and carried out practically. The basic configuration of the server using the System Management application is discussed and practiced before going into application configuration with the Concierge Data Center application and Concierge call handling. Another section teaches participants how to configure Contact Data Providers (CDPs) to fill the Electronic Directory (ETB) with data from the customer's environment. Further integrations with OpenScape Contact Center, presence providers (such as: OpenScape UC, Circuit, Skype-for-Business or Microsoft Teams) or calendar integration with Microsoft Exchange can be discussed as needed. Finally, the Operation and Maintenance chapter provides the knowledge needed to patch and save and restore.

Dates and Details

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Nov 21, 2023 - Nov 23, 2023 DEU  München 
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  • Concepts of OpenScape Concierge
  • Telephony integration with OpenScape 4000 and OpenScape Voice
  • Installation of the OpenScape Concierge Server, with practical exercises
  • System configuration and operational monitoring with the Concierge System Management, with practical exercises
  • Application configuration with the Concierge Data Center, with practical exercises
  • Contact Data Provider and Electronic Telephone Book (ETB), with practical exercises
  • Functional overview of the concierge client application, with practical exercises
  • Operation and maintenance, with practical exercises


  • Understand installation, administration, platform integration, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for OpenScape Concierge to provide technical service to customers.


  • Windows 2019 Server
  • OpenScape Voice, OpenScape 4000
  • OpenScape Contact Center (optional)


  • Practical exercises are performed on an OpenScape Voice platform by default because immense effort to deploy an OpenScape 4000 platform is in most cases unreasonable. However, if you prefer to do your exercises on an OpenScape 4000 platform, please contact your training provider in advance.


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Target Group

  • Partner technicians, Unify-GO employees, system integrators


  • 3.00 days


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