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HiPath 3000 Installation and Maintenance Fundamentals (SVU174C)


  • This on-demand webinar course (with recorded voice) covers the HiPath 3000 Family of systems. Included are hardware overviews of the HiPath 3300/3350, HiPath 3500/3550 and the HiPath 3800 systems. An overview of all of the optiPoint 500 (TDM), 410 and 420 (HFA/IP) and OpenStage telephones, add-on adapters and plug in modules are also part of the course. The course run time is about 1.5 hours and may be stopped and restarted at any point. SVU174C is a prerequisite to SVU175C, which covers the Manager E database tool.


  • Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • "Identify the different members of the HiPath 3000 family of systems.
  • "Identify the printed circuit boards for each of the systems.
  • "Recognize the different models of optiPoint 500, 410, 420 and OpenStage telephones used in the HiPath 3000 Family of systems.


  • Passing an Industry Standard Basic Telephony Knowledge test.


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Target Group

  • System designers, customer engineers, technical support analysts, and application specialists.


  • 1.30 hours


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