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HiPath Manager E Fundamentals (SVU175C)


  • This on-demand webinar course (with recorded voice) covers the HiPath 3000 Manager E configuration tool. The run time for this webinar is approximately one hour. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an introduction to the HiPath 3000 Manager E software tool and provide instruction on its use. This course is an integral part of the HiPath 3000 Installation and Maintenance curriculum and is not a standalone class.


  • Upon completion of this course the student will have an understanding of how to load, configure and navigate within the HiPath 3000 Manager E software tool.


  • The student must have HiPath Manager 3000 software for this course.
  • Employees and partners can obtain the software by visiting the TAC Advisor web page.
  • It can also be downloaded directly from the course downloads area of SVU175C


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Target Group

  • System designers, customer engineers, technical support analysts, application specialists, and customers.


  • 1.00 hours


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