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Atos Unify OpenScape Application Builder for Contact Center and UC for Service (OSAAPBUSDS)

Brief Description

This course is the basic training for the service engineer to deploy applications from the Fusion Application Builder on the OpenScape Media Server Voice Portal.Beneath other points the contents cover architecture and functionality as well as the necessary knowledge for the service engineer to install and implement the solution at the customer´s site.The necessary basics are provided to enable the participant for creating a simple application as well as for modifying or testing already provided applications. Employees from Professional Services get the basic knowledge to participate in follow up courses for application development.The course requirements are basic knowledge of HiPath 4000 and/or OpenScape Voice as well as basic knowledge in OpenScape UC infrastructure.

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Atos Unify OpenScape Application Builder for Contact Center and UC for Service
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Atos Unify OpenScape Application Builder für Contact Center und UC für den Service
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  • Motivation and Overview
  • Architecture and solution components
  • basic concepts for deployment of IVR/VP applications
  • Installing and deploying the Application Builder
  • Working on simple IVR/VP applications with the Starter Kit
  • Application properties
  • creating simple IVR/VP applications
  • Testing an application with the simulator
  • Deployment and test of an application with the starter kit
  • Deployment and installation of applications on OpenScape UC Media Server
  • Infrastructure prerequisites
  • Deploying an application
  • Test and troubleshooting
  • Demonstration of integration with OpenScape Contact Center


  • The participant
  • knows the basic concepts and components of the solution
  • gets the required knowledge for installation of the components and deployment of an IVR / Voice Portal application on the UC Media Server
  • learns to install the offline development platform "Starter Kit" for creating and testing of IVR applications
  • gets basic knowledge for testing and conducting minor changes at Voice Portal (VP) applications


  • Basic understanding of HiPath 4000 and/or OpenScape Voice and OpenScape UC Media Server
  • Basic understanding of Voice Portal solutions/applications


  • Generally:
  • The course provides basic knowledge required for the service engineer to install and deploy Voice Portal applications in a UC Infrastructure.The course provides Professional Services' prerequisites to participate in follow up courses for Application Development.
  • Important Note: For doing the exercises the participant needs to have a PC available with Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 8 (64 bit), where the Starter Kit can be installed. The software will be provided to the course participants in advance. It is recommended to install the software beforehand. The software can easily be uninstalled again.
  • Web Based Training:
  • For participation and booking a myTraining-Account is required
  • System requirements:
  • PC with sound card and stereo headset / speaker is required
  • Screen resolution at least 1280*1024
  • Windows 7 or higher: Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • Possible alternative Browser: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Current version of Adobe Flash Player is required
  • Javascript has to be activated


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Target Group

  • UC Service engineers and Professional Services


  • 3.00 hours


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