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HiPath 3000 Manager Configuration (SVU176C)


  • This SVU course is a multi session SVU. It includes four sessions, each lasting three to four hours over four days. Each session includes a PowerPoint presentation followed by an exercise in building an off-line database for the HiPath 3000 system. Students build a complete database that may be loaded into a working HiPath 3000 system in the TE93B course.
  • Session 1 covers configuring hardware in an off-line database, basic programming for digital and analog stations, and configuration of analog trunks and trunk groups.
  • Session 2 covers assigning incoming call information, Multiple Line Appearance Groups, Basic T1 Tie line configuration, LCR, Connection Matrix, and Music on Hold assignments.
  • Session 3 covers CorNet, UCD, CDR, and (SNMP) Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • Session 4 covers Database Transfer, On Line Mode, Maintenance, Security, License Management, and DLS (Deployment Service Server).


  • Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Use the Manager E tool to build an off-line database for the HiPath 3000 system.
  • Configure a basic CorNet application and a basic UCD application.
  • Save the database so that it may be loaded to a working system at a later date.


  • Successful completion of the SVU174C and SVU175C courses, including the successful completion of the SVU175C test which covers both SVU174C and SVU175C.


  • The course is based on HiPath 3000 V9 software.


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Target Group

  • System designers, customer engineers, technical support analysts, and application specialists.


  • 90.00 minutes


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