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OpenScape UC Application basic course (OSABASISCS)

Brief Description

This course is intended to enable Service Personal, Partners and Self Maintainer, to install and configure the product OpenScape UC Application in a customer environment. The usage of the system and of each client will be shown in theoretical and practical sessions.

Dates and Details

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Oct 19, 2020 - Oct 23, 2020 DEU  München 
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LCP 56
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  • General Overview of the OpenScape Unified Communications
  • Installation of SLES 12 for OpenScape Unified Communications in a Multi-Partition environment
  • Installation of OpenScape Unified Communications as a Small Deployment
  • Update and Data backup possibilities
  • Basic configuration of OpenScape Unified Communications
  • Installation and integration of the Openfire Server with a MySQL Database inclusive the features "Chat History" and "Presence Federation"
  • Import of customer specific certificates in the Openfire Server
  • Configuration of the Openfire "Server-to-Server" connection
  • Configure OpenScape UC subscribers inclusive functional test at the OpenScape UC WebClient
  • Usage of 3rd Party Chat Clients with the Openfire Server
  • Configuration and features of the OpenScape UC MediaServers
  • Connection to a SIP Service Provider via TCP and TLS
  • Configuration of the Voice-, Speech- and Conference-Portals
  • UC Conferences (Open/Moderated/MeetNow!/2-3 Conference/Scheduled)
  • Import of customer specific announcements or the usage of Internet Radio stations for MusicOnHold
  • LDAP integration
  • Connection to one or more LDAP Server to search for address entries and for the caller identification
  • Modification of the search filters
  • Configure the usage of different LDAP Servers based on internal UC user groups.
  • Set up of the OpenScape UC global address book search for multiple customers within one system
  • Installation and usage of the OpenScape UC DI-Tools
  • Xpressions (Voice only) installation/configuration and licensing
  • Connection to a SMTP Server
  • Import of customer specific certificates in OpenScape Xpressions
  • OpenScape Xpressions integration in OpenScape UC
  • Configuration of the XPR - UC TTM connectivity with unsecured and secured mode
  • XPR - UC Userdata syncronisation via data export/import
  • Diagnoses and Troubleshooting
  • Practical Extercises


  • The participant:
  • knows the general concept of OpenScape Unified Communications,
  • is able to install and configure the system as a "Small Deployment",
  • is able to configure and explain the general and useful functions of OpenScape Unified Communications,
  • is able to install and configure the OpenFire Server for instant messaging,
  • is able to configure the general portals and functions of the OpenScape UC MediaServer,
  • is able to install and configure the OpenScape Xpressions Voice only system.


  • General:
  • Basics about Linux SLES 12
  • LAN/WAN knowledge
  • TCP/IP and QoS-knowledge
  • For OpenScape Voice:
  • Course OpenScape Solution Advanced 1 (Voice) (SOLADV1SCS)
  • For OpenScape 4000:
  • WBT OpenScape 4000 - How to connect OpenScape UC for Service (OS4PRUCSDS)


  • Hint


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Target Group

  • Service


  • 5.00 days


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