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OpenScape Cloud (Public and Hybrid Scenario) (CLDSBC1SVS)

Brief Description

This course is intended for Service engineers and customer administrators. It contains the tasks that are required for a "Green Field" Full Cloud solution as well as the "Hybrid" model that allows the customer to integrate his local system into the Cloud and use only parts of it. This On-Premise solution "Hybrid" is based on an OpenScape Voice.

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  • OpenScape SBC
  • Overview and
  • Remote endpoint scenarios
  • Basic installation - theory (System are already pre-installed)
  • Configuration with the focus on "SIP-Trunk" connectivity
  • Basic SBC Maintenance and Diagnoses
  • Security - TLS overview (connectivity to the Cloud at this time via TCP)
  • What will be required to be "Cloud Ready". General and basically
  • "Full Cloud" scenario - mandatory steps to connect to Cloud system will be shown
  • OpenScape Voice
  • "Hybrid" scenario - mandatory steps to connect the on-premise OpenScape Voice and SBC to the Cloud system will be shown


  • The participant
  • Knows the Basics of the OpenScape SBC.
  • Knows the mandatory steps on how to install the SBC.
  • Knows the "Cloud Ready" theme.
  • Is able to do a basic configuration of the SBC to connect it to the Cloud.
  • Is able to execute the configuration steps required to connect the OpenScape Voice to the Cloud.
  • Is able to do basic Maintenance tasks on the SBC - e.g. Backup & Restore, diagnose and basic troubleshooting.
  • Knows the possibilities of the authentication and encryption.


  • This course will be provided as virtual classroom. To participate there're several local prerequisites necessary:
  • unrestricted Internet access
  • 2-3 OpenStage CP-phones
  • Laptop within the same network as CP-phones
  • Basic knowledge about IT/Telecommunications/UC
  • Knowledge about OpenScape Voice ECO (Solution) and Circuit will be helpful but is not mandatory


  • This course will be provided as online Training. On special request we can offer it at your local destination. As local equipment for both options you need an unrestricted broad band Internet access, as well as 2-3 CPXXX-Phones. You've to check in advance your local network security items like Firewall, http-Proxy etc. on VoIP readiness. For further questions and offers of onsite Training please get in touch with your local Training provider.


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Target Group

  • Service


  • 3.00 days


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