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Unify OpenScape Contact Center V10 R1 - Update Training for Service (OCCV101UDS)

Brief Description

While still offering all traditional roll-out techniques, Unify OpenScape Contact Center V10 expressively extends the deployment possibilities for Unify OpenScape Contact Center agents through the use of Web RTC integration with Circuit, and for the first time provides the ability to holistically handle contacts of all media-types in a single application. Going in hand with this, also the sign in of Unify OpenScape Contact Center agents is done with Circuit. For existing customers there are extensive migration options with which they can migrate to the new version from their systems dating back to version 7. Additional features which are provided by this release include but are not restricted to: Open Media Contact Handling with Agent Portal Web, Social Media Connector for Twitter, Oracle Java Policy Statement and Password Policy statement. This training discovers the technical details of these features and offers you to train their implementation in practical exercises.

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Unify OpenScape Contact Center V10 R1 - Update Training for Service
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  • Installation and serviceability enhancements
  • REST SDK enhancements (postponed)
  • Support SMB V2 for Windows
  • AgentPortal Web enhancement: Agent-to-Agent chat
  • Support for multiple email servers
  • Access to Email servers via TLS 1.2
  • CLIP Feature
  • REST SDK interface for Web Interaction
  • OpenMedia connector for WhatsApp


  • Enabling participants in installing and supporting Unify OpenScape Contact Center V10 R1.


  • Expert knowledge of the previous version OpenScape Contact Center V10 R0
  • Windows 2016


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Target Group

  • Partner technicians, Unify GO staff, System Integrators


  • 50.00 minutes



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