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HiMed 11 Online Advanced Training for Service Personnel (HM11ADVEV)

Brief Description

Advanced training for service personnel with the goal of mastering the commissioning, administration, migration and maintenance of the HiMed 11 System, especially of the IP-components.

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  • Internet Access configuration possibilities
  • Cockpit pro/pro+ (operating modes) with MediSET-USB / Headset
  • IP-TV configuration basics (IPTV gateway, DHCP variants)
  • Management console possibilities etc
  • (Modern layout, LLDP+PoE, BYOD, wall-mounted TV, digital services
  • Basic knowledge:
  • IACBox
  • Multicast and streaming
  • MS-IP2 commissioning
  • Integration of the electronic patient file
  • Voucher models and use cases in HiMed 11
  • Cockpit pro/pro+ display EPG data
  • SNMP V2c
  • "Subsidiary operation" telephony (PBX systems for several locations)
  • Data exchange DV-coupling
  • Trace possibilities Cockpit / HiMed
  • Analysis of log files


  • Commissioning and maintenance of HiMed11-components, especially of the IP-components and DVA coupling
  • and the DVA coupling


  • HiMed 11 Basic knowledge (HM11BASE/ HM11BASEV)
  • knowledge of IP-telephony (SIP)
  • knowledge of virtualization


  • Certificate: HiMed 11 Advanced Level
  • Language: English
  • Virtual Classroom - Online Training
  • System Requirements:
  • current Browser / Teams Applikation
  • Internet Access
  • Sufficient Bandwith
  • Headset, Microphone, Loudspeaker, Camera
  • Microsoft Teams Requirements:


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Target Group

  • Service personnel


  • 5.00 days


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