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Atos Unify OpenScape UC V10R0 up to V10R3 Update- for Service (OSAV10XUCS)

Brief Description

This course is intendet for Service personal, who has experience with the UC V9R4. The course covers the new OpenScape UC V10 features.


  • V9R4 features released later
  • Visibility groups
  • Xpressions WebClient Integration
  • UC V10 overview of features
  • Chat Attachments
  • OpenScape UC WebClient
  • # Simplified navigation and "high contrast" support
  • # Keyboard navigation and WebClient hotkey support
  • # Contact search with umlauts "Ä / Ö / Ü"
  • # New WebClient user interface for audio and video conferences
  • # UC SIP URI dialing
  • Fusion for Office V2
  • # Notification
  • # Favorites panel
  • # VmWare Horizon support
  • # IP v6 support
  • # WebRTC screen sharing
  • OSMO Pro V10
  • BHCA calculation
  • WebRTC clients
  • Conference WebRTC guest connection
  • WebRTC clients in a multi media server environment
  • WebRTC screen sharing
  • MS Teams integration


  • The participant gets information about the new OpenScape UC V10 (R0, R1, R2 and R3) functions and features.


  • Expert knowledge of the previous version OpenScape UC V9R4


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Target Group

  • Service


  • 5.00 days


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