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Market introduction OpenScape Enterprise V10R3 for Solution Architects (Consultants) (OSEV103MVC)

Brief Description

This course is for service-oriented technicians. Objective is to introduce new V10R3 topics, as offered by the product house. Participants should be able to fulfill customer expectations related to the V10R3 release. This training also covers late features/stories based on V10R3 release as well as late features V10R2 which have not been treated during former delta training.


  • Introduction of the OpenScape V10R3 (Eco) system enhancements:
  • OpenScape Voice
  • System features - e.g. MLHG overflow, SIPREC - full ONS support
  • Story & Background Unify Phone implementation
  • Draft: Public safety sector - support specific transfer scenarios on 3rd party PBX
  • CMP/UM
  • Unify Phone support
  • OpenScape Composer V2.3
  • Composer OSB/SBC Bulk update
  • Automatic updates for UC standard Duplex Small
  • Automatic updates for Stand-Alone MS
  • Support of UC (very) Large Deployments
  • Support of further apps in terms of certificate deployment
  • OpenScape DLS
  • Support of new CP phones
  • Support of Windows 2022 Server for DLS Server & MS SQL 2019
  • OpenScape SBC (OSS)
  • New SSP flags - e.g. Handling of Do Not Send INVITE without SDP, Removal of Record-Route
  • Call to MS Teams: 183 session progress
  • NW logs enhancement
  • Unify Phone support
  • OpenScape Branch (OSB)
  • Common features with OpenScape SBC and OSB specific ones
  • Additional SSP flags
  • Emergency Calling enhancements


  • The participant
  • knows the OpenScape Enterprise V10R2 (Eco) system enhancements.
  • is able to present and implement the new features to the customer.


  • Adequate knowledge about the OpenScape Voice V10, OpenScape Branch V10, OpenScape SBC V10 and Composer V1/2 - for example gained through:
  • OSE Consultant Training V10R2
  • Previous Market Introduction Training V10R2


  • Delta training of what's new with V10R3. The training will be provided as blended learning. It will be held online.


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Target Group

  • Solution Architects (formerly consultants, pre sales and technical sales)


  • 2.00 hours


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