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Market introduction Atos Unify OpenScape Concierge V5R0 for Solution Architects (OCEV5R0MVC)

Brief Description

With version V4R2, the Concierge software will be adapted to the new software versions of the accompanying products with regard to the support of MS-SQL-Server 2019 and OpenScape Contact Center V11. The MS Teams integration and the Concierge Internet Browser replacement improves Concierge user productivity. The support of the VMWare Storage API as well as the new Concierge Tools section in the SWS make work easier for the technicians in charge. System Management and Data Center adjustments as well as the new Time-Zone handling in Concierge Reports and encrypted access to Emails complete the scope of the release.


  • Updating the Concierge software to V4R2
  • Support for MS-SQL-Server 2019
  • Concierge Tools Section on SWS
  • MS Teams Integration
  • Support for OpenScape Contact Center V11
  • Support for VMWare Storage API
  • System Management and Data Center Changes
  • Time Zone Handling in Concierge Reports
  • Concierge Email encryption
  • Concierge Internet Browser Replacement


  • The participant
  • Gets detailed knowledge about new features of Concierge V4R2
  • Knows differences between Concierge V4R2 and previous versions


  • Knowledge of OpenScape Concierge V4R1


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Target Group

  • Solution Architects (formerly consultants, pre sales and technical sales)


  • 1.00 hours


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