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Unify Office Sales Professional - Module 3 - Introduction of Solutions (UOSPM03SDV)

Brief Description

In this comprehensive training program, users will gain a deep understanding of various topics. They will explore the advantages of cloud technology, such as effortless deployment, global accessibility, continuously evolving services, straightforward expansion capabilities, and seamless cloud integrations. The training will also focus on the secure connectivity fostered by Unify's Solution Portfolio, ensuring robust communication channels with teams, customers, and partners. Participants will explore the core elements of this innovative solution, encompassing messaging, video and audio meetings, phone services, extensible APIs, and performance reporting. Furthermore, the program will introduce the Unify Office Family, designed to elevate global communication and collaboration, thereby providing users with a comprehensive skill set for navigating the dynamic landscape of modern business.
The training module could help users increase their revenue per customer. It will enable them to easily bundle Unify Office with existing services that they provide and could help them ramp up their teams.


  • Increase your revenue per customer.
  • Enable you to easily bundle with existing services you may provide.
  • Quickly help you ramp up your teams.


  • Users will become familiar with the following topics:
  • Cloud advantages: Easy deployment, global reach, evolving services, simple expansion, cloud integrations.
  • The secure connectivity with teams, customers, and partners that Unify's Solution Portfolio ensures.
  • Core elements including messaging, video, and audio meetings, phone services, extensible APIs, and performance reporting.
  • Introduction of the Unify Office Family, designed to enhance communication and collaboration globally.


  • Unify Office Sales Professional - Module 1-2


  • Web Based Training:
  • For participation and booking a myTraining-Account is required
  • System requirements:
  • PC with sound card and stereo headset / speaker is required
  • Screen resolution at least 1280*1024
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari
  • Javascript has to be activated


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Target Group

  • Unify Partners and internal Sales and Ops teams.


  • 15.00 minutes


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