Contact to the Unify Academy Management

If you like to get in contact with the management team the following executives will be pleased to answer your request.

Carsten Erley – Head of Unify Academy Germany and Portfolio

Phone: +49 (89) 7007-20819

Email: carsten.erley[at]

John Balcar – Global Head of Unify Academy

Phone: +19727564351

Email: john.balcar[at]

Jaime Valasinavicius – Head of Unify Academy LAM

Phone: 55+11 3817-3135

Email: jaime.valasinavicius[at]

Jane McGann – Head of Unify Academy UK

Phone: +44 (1908) 8-17980

Email: jane.mcgann[at]

Additional contacts

Stefan Riedl – Global Project Manager - e-Solutions and Media Development

Phone: +49 (89) 7007-24018

Email: stefan.riedl[at]

Stefan Schubert – Learning Solution Manager

Phone: +49 (89) 7007-20814

Email: stefan.j.schubert[at]


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