Frequently asked questions on the topic of certification:

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Which certificate is the right one for me?

Select your certificate based on your area of activity (Sales, Technical Sales, Implementation and Support) and your customer focus (Small & Medium Business (SMB) or Large Account Business (LAB)). Next, select your product line area OpenScape Business, OpenScape 4000 or OpenScape Enterprise.
Depending on your level of knowledge, you can now decide whether you would like to go
for an Associate, a Specialist or an Expert certificate.
In order to
give you an impression of the test there is an practice test (example) available for most certificates. This practice test is free of charge and can be repeated at will.

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How many certification levels are there?

Currently there are three levels of certification:
Specialist is your entry level. Everyone who achieves this certificate possesses a solid basic knowledge and can use this knowledge when interfacing with customers and partners.
Expert is an advanced certification and the holder is able to interact with Unify products, services and solutions with the highest level of competency, in the roles of sales, technical sales and service.

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In which language can I take the certification test?

All tests are available in English and German. For certain certificates the tests are available in additional language. Please open the Language dropdown menu on the details page of the certificate to see which languages are available.

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What is a myTraining Account?

A MyTraining account is issued by the Unify Academy to enable access to the training and testing within the Academy Learning Management System and provides you with a reliable record of all of your courses and exams.

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Why do I need a myTraining account?

You require a myTraining account to be able to access the Unify Academy training courses and request your Candidate ID to order the exam.

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How can I prepare myself for the certificate test?

Training courses are the most important tool for conveying knowledge. The Unify Academy ( offers cost-efficient and top-quality training courses and contemporary learning solutions on a global basis.
Access to the Unify Academy offerings is quite simple. Just go to the Unify Academy website and register there for your personal myTraining account.

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Why do I have to request a Candidate ID for each certificate?

With the ID request the respective certificate will be activated for booking by our test partner Pearson VUE. Therefore, the ID must be individually requested for each test that you wish to take.

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Where can I take the test?

The technical training tests are web-based and are conducted under secure test conditions by Pearson VUE or the Unify Academy. Pearson VUE operates over 5200 test centers in 162 countries around the world, so that the test can be taken in a test center near you. To find out where your next test center is located, check under the following URL:
You can determine a time and location for the test online or by phone via the Pearson VUE hotline. After ordering the Cadidate ID you receive an e-mail with the further procedure.
The Sales and Technical Sales tests can be taken directly online at the Unify Academy web page

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I already have a Pearson VUE account but the Unify certificates are not shown.

A separate account is necessary for Unify certificates. Existing accounts, under which for example a Cisco test has been completed, do not show the Unify certificates.
Two working days after the Candidate ID request, the planned exam is also displayed in the "Unify" VUE account. Only afterward you can determine an exam date.

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How can I pay?

At Pearson VUE you can pay by credit card during the scheduling process. In case you do not have a credit card you can order an exam voucher directly from VUE: Pearson VUE Voucher Pricelist

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How is the test result tallied up?

Each test consists of several consolidated topic areas.
1. In each topic area no less than 60% of the questions must be correctly answered.
2. For the overall test at least 80% of the questions must be correctly answered.
It is therefore possible that you correctly answer 80% of the questions in total but still fail the test, because in one topic area you answered less than 60% correctly.

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What happens if I don't pass a test?

It is possible to retake each test which has not been successfully passed. Please re-book your test with VUE after obtaining a new Candidate ID from the Unify Academy web page.
Unify Sales/Technical Sales exams are offered online and free of charge. After completion of the individual learning module (pre-requisite!), the participant can start immediately with the related exam. If a participant doesn't pass the exam after the first attempt, the test can be repeated up to three times.
Please finish the exam module in one operation, since the start is limited to a total of four times. Afterwards the access to this test is closed for one week. The attendee has to send an email to to be released again for the examination.
We strongly recommend taking the relevant Unify Sales / Technical Sales courses as the best preparation for passing the test.

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How do I obtain my certificate?

If you have passed a test, you automatically receive an e-mail with your certificate as a PDF in attachment.

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How is recertification handled?

The recertification process is no different than a new certification. Thus, you must simply request your Candidate ID and then register for the test with Pearson VUE.

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I would like to book courses, webinars and web based trainings to prepare myself and still need available dates and additional information.

Please contact the Academy Customer Service at
Do you have any further questions that we haven't answered here? Then please write to us at:

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Where can a partner find detailed information about available training modules for their certification path?

The Unify Academy provides the training curriculum that corresponds to the relevant specialization and helps you and your staff gain certification quickly.
The Unify Academy offers tailored training modules for certification via the Self Paced WBT (Web-based Training), Online-Live/webinars, webinars, classroom and lab courses. You can access the Academy and view all available courses at

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What if a partner wants to add more competences to their workforce?

Partners can access the Academy and view the training available at The Academy's Learning Solution Managers are available to consult our partners and customers for their  Training & Development needs.

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How does my certificate match to my companies' partner status?

Please contact your local Unify Channel Sales Manager. He/she will define and prioritize your training and certification roadmap and ensure that you have all the necessary tools to get started. He/she will also make sure that it aligns with your core business strengths, and gives you the best opportunity to be successful.


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