Training Partner FAQ


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What does a Training Partner status requires?

A Unify Training Partner status requires completion of the Training Partner Agreement, qualification and certification of specified named trainers referring to the Unify product lines.

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Will the Partner receive a certified Training Partner certificate from the Unify Academy?

Yes, as soon as all requested steps are fulfilled.

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How the Training Partner obtain the student training material and what's the lead time?

It is important to receive your order for courses and participants at least 5 days before the course should begin.
Please send us an email to
All participants need an e-mail address to receive the electronic documentation - three working days before the course starts. The trainer receives a special Trainer documentation at the same time.

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How the Training Partner obtain training certificates for students?

At the last day of the course every participant receives an online questionnaire. As soon as the participant has completed the questionnaire he will receive his personal certificate.


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