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Today businesses work in real time. Only those able to keep pace with the rapid changes - technological and otherwise - can survive and be successful. The faster know-how can be transferred the faster results will show.

Given these circumstances, we understand e-learning as the ideal learning and teaching method for conveying knowledge and skills in a time and cost-effective, goal-oriented way. We use the full

potential of electronic/digital learning media and benefit from the boundless possibilities of the internet. We consider e-learning to be the trend-setting step from "learning on call", as it were, to "learning on demand", or - to put it differently - "from push to pull". Students can now learn before, during and after work, in everyday situations, at the office or at home. E-learning is extremely flexible, it tries to find answers to concrete questions, provide solutions to actual problems and to convey the required knowledge.

We operate our own, open e-learning platform at the Unify Academy, which is available globally and locally. Our e-learning approach combines the advantages of web-based training (WBT).


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