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Please find below the frequently asked questions. We have structured them into categories. Click to find the answer to the topic. If you find any items that are missing please feel free to Contact Us.

General FAQ

How do I determine which course is the right one for me?

We have created a number of paths to help guide you through our catalog.
These paths are categorized by product line, your position or role in the company - and sometimes by proficiency level. All paths will be listed on the left side of the page after logging in to the website. If you cannot find a training path that suits your qualification needs, please feel free to contact us.
Our training coordinators will be happy to assist you in developing your personal training curriculum.

How do I see which classes I am registered for?
  • Log in to the website using your email address and password.
  • Click My Courses on the left.
  • Your courses will be listed in the Waiting List, Instructor Led Training, or eLearning sections.
  • Click the Show All link in each section to review your complete history.
Can you recommend a hotel in the vicinity of the training center?

Some of our training centers offer a list of hotel recommendations. You will find these lists on the local page of the respective training center. In the navigation bar above, click Contact Us and then Location Overview to view your training center's information.

How do I change my personal information?
  • Log in to the website with your email address and password.
  • Select the My Profile link on the left.
  • Update your information and click the button below the form to complete the update process.
How will I know whether I am confirmed for a class?

You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in a class. You can also view the status of all enrollments by logging in to the website and selecting My Courses on the left.

Can all courses be held at my location?

Courses can be "suitcased" to your location as long as access to a live switch is not required. When switch access is required, access to a training captive switch is considered, as long as the objectives of the training course can be met.

When will my current enrollments be marked as completed?

There are a number of factors determining when an enrollment is marked as complete. To view the requirements for any of your enrollments, simply view the Enrollment Details page for any Current Enrollment with a status of Approved. On this page, you will see information on the right-hand side of the page with the remaining steps required to update your completion status. To get to the Enrollment Details page, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the website.
  • Click My Courses on the left.
  • Click the course code of the enrollment in question.
How do I print a course certificate?

For some courses, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the website with your account information.
  • Click the My Courses link in the myTraining menu to the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the Completed Courses tab.
  • Click on the course code link.
  • Scroll to the Course Links section of the page and click the Print Course Certificate link.
How do I print the whole content displayed on a website?

During the attempt to print out a course offer or any other information on our website, you might notice that part of the content or graphic elements are missing. This issue can easily be remedied by adjusting your browser options.

Internet Explorer:

Select File > Print Preview from the menu bar at the top. A new window will open. The fourth button to the left (wheel symbol) navigates you to the page setup menu, which opens another dialog box. Tick the option "Print Background Colors and Images" and click OK. Please note that the option will remain active until you deselect the option again.


Select File > Print Preview from the menu bar at the top. A new window will open. Click on the button "Page Setup", which opens another dialog box. Tick the option "Print Background (color & images)" on the tab "Format & Options" and click OK. Please note that the option will remain active until you deselect the option again.

How do I complete an end-of-course evaluation?

There are two ways to complete the end-of-course evaluation.

If you receive an email with a direct link to the end-of-course evaluation, please pay attention that you need to scroll down to the language you want to fill the evaluation in (German, English, Spanish and Portuguese).

You can also complete the evaluation logging into myTraining.

  • Click the My Courses link in the myTraining menu.
  • A red cross will indicate for which courses you have not yet completed the evaluation. You can either click directly on the red cross or the course code.
  • Scroll down the Enrollment/Transcript Detail page until you get to the Additional Links section.
  • If you have not previously completed an evaluation for that particular enrollment, there will be a link titled End-of-Course Evaluation. Click that link.
  • This will open the evaluation form. Follow the instructions to complete the form.

After you have completed the process a green tick will be shown beside the course code.

What is web accessibility?

Websites and internet content are accessible if they can be used without restrictions by people of all abilities and disabilities. This refers to both physical restrictions, such as a visual impairment, and technical restrictions, such as the use of older web browsers. The Unify Academy supports the development of training concepts that can be used, as far as possible, by everyone. This is why we will strive to make our web offerings more and more accessible. As of Internet Explorer Version 8, people with visual impairment are able to increase or reduce the font size by holding down the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel.

How do I deactivate Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8?

For deactivating the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8 you have to pass following steps:

  • click at the menu point 'Compatibility View settings' under 'Tools'
  • check whether all three check boxes in the lower area are unselected
  • close your browser and open it again
  • on the right side of your address bar a new sign (broken sheet) 'Compatibility View' should appear. By clicking at this sign you can enable or disable the Compatibility View in your Internet Explorer 8
Affliction, differences and arbitrative board

We like you to be pleased with our performance. Nevertheless it might happen that you have some review or a helpfull message for us. We see your challenge as our chance to discover weak points and to improve our performance. So if you have an appeal please don't be to shy to let us know.

Our complaint management is committed:

  • to hold to down every appeal
  • to execute the appeal reliably and easily
  • to answer the appeal as fast as possible

Your contact for any kind of affliction is


Registration Question FAQ

Where do I find out the courses offered, time schedules, and seat availability?

To search for a course, please use the course catalog on the left-hand side of the webpage. You may choose from one of the standard catalog views or search with your own criteria using the advanced search function on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you find the course you need, you may view the schedule (if applicable) by clicking on the View Schedule button. The availability of seats will be indicated.

Do I have to prearrange payment before I can register for a course?

Billing requirements imposed by Unify will be presented to you during the registration process and can differ from country to country due to local laws and taxes.

Please follow your company procedures to ensure your tuition will be paid. Unify employees should gain approval from their management prior to enrolling in any training.

How do I know the tuition fee of the class I want to attend?

Tuition fees can be found in each course description. Please note: these are catalog prices only. Your contract with Unify may entitle you to a discount price which will be reflected as soon as you log in to the Academy website.

How do I enroll in a course?
  • You must first locate the course you would like to enroll in. One way to locate a course is to use the course catalog menu to the left. There you will be able to view courses by product category, product name or learning option. Alternatively you can search the course catalog entering your own search criteria on the basic or advanced search on the right-hand side of the website.
  • Once you have located the appropriate course, click the View Schedule link (for instructor-led training) or the Order link (for self-paced training). If you clicked the Order link, skip the next step.
  • If there are classes available, click the Register link.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

FAQ Training Policies

Can Unify change or cancel classes?

Unify reserves the right to change or cancel classes.

In such cases that a class must be cancelled or changed, every effort will be made to contact the students via the telephone number or email information provided to us during registration.

Unify does not recommend purchasing non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservations. Unify is not responsible for any associated cancellation charges.

This can differ from country to country due to local laws and taxes.

What is the dress code for classroom training?

The dress code for students is business casual which is defined as casual wear such as slacks, sweaters and jackets.

Leisure or recreational attire, such as overalls, running suits, or shorts of any kind are not appropriate.

Clothing should be orderly, clean and in good repair. Outer wear must not carry logos, advertisements, or personal or political statements.

Shirts with collars (no T-shirts or tank tops) are required. For safety reasons, please wear closed shoes (no sandals).

What is Unify cancellation policy?

No cancellation charges will be applied if the Unify Academy receives the written cancellation notice by the customer no later than 28 calendar days prior to the start of the training.

If the notice of cancellation is received any later, 50% of the course fee will be charged. If notice of cancellation is received less than 14 calendar days prior to the start of the event, participants fail to attend, or attendance is terminated prematurely, the course fee will be invoiced in full.

This can differ from country to country due to local laws and taxes.

Who can enroll in the training offered by the Academy?

We provide training for:

  • Employees and customers of Unify and its partners
  • Employees, customers and partners of Enterasys
  • New customers not listed on the embargo list

E-learning FAQ

Which courses are delivered as web-based training?

You can find a complete list of all web-based training courses by choosing "Web-Based Training" from the drop-down list at the advanced search.

When should I use web-based training?

When the content is fairly stable and frequent delivery or review is needed. It is not recommended to use a WBT when a live demo is required or when the content undergoes frequent changes.

How much time should be spent narrating each Web-based Training slide?

How much time should be spent narrating each Web-based Training slide?

What are the recommended font sizes in PowerPoint for a Web-based Training?

Headings should be at least 32 point; body text should be 20-30 point; footer text should be 14-18 point.

When is it appropriate to use Web-based Training?

When the content is fairly stable and frequent delivery or review is needed. It is not recommended to use if a Live Demo is required or if the content undergoes frequent changes.


Where can I learn more about the LCP program?

Please visit the LCP page for more information:

In what amounts can I purchase LCP?

LCP can be purchased in increments of 1.

Can I also purchase larger amounts of LCP?

You can purchase any amount of LCP you like.

How much does a training course cost in LCP?

The value of a training course in LCP will be shown directly below the price in Euro or Dollar.

Which training courses can I pay with LCP?

As long as a course displays the LCP cost, it can be paid with LCP.

When do I see the LCP information link in my profile?

The LCP information in your profile is visible as soon as you have received LCP for the first time. The LCP information link gives you an overview of your LCP purchases, redemptions and transfers.

Can I buy LCP with LCP?

No, the purchase of LCP with LCP is not allowed.

When can I use my LCP for the first time?

You can use your LCP immediately after the acquisition or transfer and our credit check.

How long are the LCP valid?

The LCP validity is dependent on regional / country specific offers. Please check your local policies on our website or get in touch with your local contact person.

In which countries do I get LCP and where can I use it?

The LCP solution is available in Germany, Austria and the United States.

Training Partner FAQ

What does a Training Partner status requires?

A Unify Training Partner status requires completion of the Training Partner Agreement, qualification and certification of specified named trainers referring to the Unify product lines.

Will the Partner receive a certified Training Partner certificate from the Unify Academy?

Yes, as soon as all requested steps are fulfilled.

How the Training Partner obtain the student training material and what's the lead time?

It is important to receive your order for courses and participants at least 5 days before the course should begin.

Please send us an email to

All participants need an e-mail address to receive the electronic documentation - three working days before the course starts. The trainer receives a special Trainer documentation at the same time.

How the Training Partner obtain training certificates for students?

At the last day of the course every participant receives an online questionnaire. As soon as the participant has completed the questionnaire he will receive his personal certificate.


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