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Academy Partner ProgramCertified Unify Training Partner
Admission test'Online training' to prepare for an exam, can be repeated any number of times
Bespoke Training (BT)Training tailored to your specific needs. This can be delivered on your premises or at an Unify training centre world wide
Blended LearningCombines different learning methods to provide the most efficient and effective training and to minimize training time and cost
Business learning and personal skillsProcess and project management, marketing, distribution, management training, communication, personal competence, etc
Classroom TrainingClassroom training, seminar, workshop
Computer-based Training (CBT)Computer-based Training, mainly via DVD or CD ROM
Curriculum Path shows the full curriculum for each product or solution
eLearningcomputer-aided learning
End-User Training (EuT)Unify Academy offers a range of end-user training such as: floor walking, evangelist training, e-Learning
Examination ServicesUnify Academy offers a range of services to help you monitor the progress of delegates
Floor walkingEnd-user coaching at the employees work desk
Future LabLive online training using remote equipment
ILTInstructor Lead Training
KioskA drop in centre for end-user coaching at a fixed location on customer premises
LCPLearning Credit Points
myTraining AccountEnable access to the training and testing within the Academy Learning Management System and provides you with a reliable record of all of your courses and exams
On site mentoringCoaching and mentoring administrators in their normal working environment
On the job training (OJT)administrator / technician training by the customer premises to help with the daily work
Online AssessmentSelf-assessment to quantify knowledge gaps
Onsite Administration TrainingTraining end-users in a classroom environment
Online-LiveLive instructor leads training across the Internet
Qualification CampaignsSet of training to fullfill a precize qualification aim
Qualification consultingServices around training needs analysis, content and training methods selection and curriculum design
Sessions TrainingTraining end-users in a classroom environment
SoftskillsBusiness Learning, personal skills training
Self Paced WBTWeb-based Training, learning at your own pace
Train-the-TrainerClassroom based training to enable a customer's trainer to train and support their own users.
Training on the job (ToJ)Learning from the expert during this job
Technology and FundamentalsUnified communications, cloud, security, protocols, networks, virtualization, etc.
Virtual Trainingis a training method in which a simulated virtual environment is used. In this environment an instructor is able to explain, show or test certain abilities that can contribute to the learning process.
VUEShort for Pearson VUE; exam provider
Virtual ClassroomLive instructor leads training across the Internet
Web based presentation (WBP)w/o interaction
Web-based Training (WBT)Online training available at any time
Webinarlive instructor leads training across the Internet. Webinar is a wording-combination of Web and Seminar.


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