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Our Location in Berlin, Germany

With 3.6 million inhabitants, the capital Berlin is the largest city of Germany.The city is recognized for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts and a high quality of living. Berlin is home to world-renowned universities, research institutes, sporting events, orchestras, museums and personalities. Enjoy the modern Zeitgeist of this metropolis.

Impressions from Berlin

Contact and Information

Unify Academy - Berlin
Am Studio 16
12489 Berlin


Official City Website


Environment Zone Level 3:

No cars with pollution group 1+2+3

Equipment & Environment Berlin

  • Environments for OpenScape 4000 trainings
  • WLAN available
  • Park with open air pools close to locations
  • Restaurants and snack bars close to location
  • Lunch at Unify facilities
  • Bus and subway stations within 100 metres
  • Premises for disabled persons (toilet, training course in the
          first floor)
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