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OScAR-Pro/DAKSpro: Basic Course for service specialists (OARSSESCS)

Brief Description

This is a course for service specialists. The course contents include the hardware OScAR-200, 300 and 400 as well as the configuration and operation of the SW application 'Broadcasts/Alerting Pro'. After completing the course, the participant will be able to install and put into operation OScAR-Pro 200/300/400 and OScAR-Pro Satellite, administer the software application 'Broadcast/Alerting' with its expansions and set up data interfaces. Furthermore, the participant can carry out OScAR-Pro updates and provide customer briefings.

Dates and Details

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Sep 2, 2024 - Sep 6, 2024 DEU  Taunusstein 
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$ 3,741.77
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  • Hardware OScAR-200, 300 and 400
  • SW Application 'Broadcasts/Alerting Pro'
  • Expansion options:
  • Mail-to-Phone
  • Smartphone Access
  • Data import
  • Several data interfaces
  • OScAR-Pro Satellite
  • Security considerations
  • Updates
  • Practical exercises


  • The participant:
  • can install and commission the application package of OScAR-Pro,
  • can operate the operator and administration tool of OScAR-Pro,
  • can administrate the SW application 'Broadcasts/Alerting Pro' and its expansions,
  • can install and put into operation OScAR-Pro Satellite,
  • knows the basic serial and IP-based data interfaces of OScAR-Pro,
  • knows the security features of OScAR-Pro,
  • is able to perform OScAR-Pro updates,
  • is able to perform a customer briefing.


  • For a meaningful participation in the OScAR-Pro basic course for service technicians, we assume basic telecommunication knowledge (VoIP, ISDN, PBXs, soft switches, Unified Communications (UC), trunking, signaling protocols...).


  • The participants should bring their notebooks with them for the practical exercises.


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Target Group

  • Service specialists


  • 5.00 days


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