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Atos Unify OpenScape Business S in Data Center Basic Training (OBUBIZSSVS)

Brief Description

The basic training OpenScape Business S is a course for service personnel and Administrator for data center, with good knowledge of virtual machines (VMware), LAN/WAN, Unify License management and OpenStage telephones. The course content includes the installation, start up and upgrading of the system. Another focus is the integration of OpenScape Business Smart Voicemail and UC Smart. After completing this course, the participant can install and start up a system, as well as can configure and perform the software update.

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  • System overview of OpenScape Business
  • Feature overview
  • System features
  • Station features
  • UC features
  • License concept
  • Installation and system start up
  • Software update concept
  • System and UC components
  • Backup and Restore
  • System and UC components
  • UC overview
  • Smart Voicemail
  • User voicemail
  • UC Smart applications
  • myPortal @work
  • myPortal to go
  • Practical exercises


  • The participant is be able to
  • install, start up und update a OpenScape Business S standalone system and as well as perform diagnostics in case of trouble,
  • implement the minimum basic configuration of the system,
  • implement workpoints for telephony,
  • implement the OpenScape Business UC clients and myPortal to go,
  • perform a system software update,
  • and perform a backup and restore of the OpenScape Business System.


  • Required are good knowledge of virtual machines (VMware)
  • Basics of SIP
  • Basics and usage of Unify License management
  • Windows knowledge
  • LAN/WAN knowledge (TCP/IP)
  • Basics of OpenScape Desk Phone CP


  • This basic training is suitable for beginners.
  • The fulfillment of course requirements is mandatory for successful course participation.
  • Required hardware and software on the participant or student side for participation are:
  • PC or notebook with Windows 10 64 bit
  • current VMware in the data center or VMWare player or comparable virtual environment
  • if VMware Player is used, it must be installed before the course starts
  • min. 3 OpenScape Desk Phone CP SIP/HFA
  • L2 switch with PoE or plug-in power supply for OpenScape Desk Phone CP
  • LAN infrastructure for training
  • Internet access
  • Unify Partner Account - Access to the Software Supply Server for OSBiz S Software Download


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Target Group

  • Service personnel, Administrator for data center


  • 4.00 days


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