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Unify OpenScape Xpressions Voicemail-Only System Administration Concepts (XPRADM_VC)

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Unify OpenScape Xpressions Voicemail-Only System Administration Concepts
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$ 660.00
LCP 11
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  • This one day PDF read at your own pace course introduces learners to Unify OpenScape Xpressions V7 voicemail-only system administration. After you enroll, our registration server will send you a link to three pdfs.
  • Mod00_US_Read_Me_First.pdf contains instructions on preparing your PC for the course and discusses additional course documentation.
  • Mod01_US_XPRADMVC_Slides.pdf contains the course slides.
  • Mod02_US_XPRADM_SG.pdf is the Xpressions Student Guide and is the core manual for the course.


  • After taking the course the learner will be able to:
  • Recognize Unify OpenScape Xpressions Architecture
  • Recognize Unify OpenScape Xpressions licensing concept
  • Recognize Unify OpenScape Xpressions administrator and subscriber interfaces
  • Establish Web Assistant Connections
  • Recognize the function of Unify OpenScape Xpressions user groups
  • Recognize Unify OpenScape Xpressions Web Assistant options
  • Use Web Assistant to add, change and delete Unify OpenScape Xpressions voicemail-only users
  • Discuss Unify OpenScape Xpressions applications including company operator, referral extension, mobility, stand-in, outcall to a telephone, and multiple Messaging Waiting Indicators (MWIs)
  • Discuss the importance of virus and firewall protection for Unify OpenScape Xpressions
  • Recognize the Unify OpenScape Xpressions backup procedure
  • Discuss troubleshooting Unify OpenScape Xpressions user problems.


  • NONE


  • PDF file for the student kit:
  • For registration and participation a myTraining-Account is required
  • System requirements:
  • Computer browser or software to read PDF files.


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Target Group

  • Unify OpenScape Xpressions voicemail-only customer system administrators, internal employees or channel partner service personnel and customer self-maintainers.


  • 1.00 days


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